Smart Parking

Skidata and Cisco are combining their competences on that matter. People looking for parking space are stressing traffic in many cities. More than 35 percent of urban traffic apply to those trips. In addition, according to many city councils, only 40 percent of drivers are willing to pay for a parking space in the city center. The solution of smart parking has become a core project of the Smart City Nice. Sensors, which can be read by a smartphone app, are being embedded in the curbs along the parking spaces. Drivers are thus being guided to free parking spaces in real-time. The technology is used likewise for payment. Citizens may either pay instantly through their smartphone or use multimedia terminals. 100 of those intelligent multimedia terminals have been mounted in the city center. They are connected to the internet via WLAN. The driver announces the location of his vehicle via touch screen and pays cash or by using credit card.

500 terminals are to be mounted in Nice until the year 2015. The multimedia function of the terminal will also serve the city advertisment and the local business development. Support of the local retail was especially dear to the mayor. Thus parking drivers are finding more and more references on bargain offers of local retailers or local restaurants on the terminal screen or the smartphone app. Offers can be validated by using a barcode. Those smart vouchers have made a significant contribution to acceptance of the intelligent parking solution.